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Old MacDonald had a …oh wait. Not that kind.

No, the farming I did all weekend was not nearly as, well, agricultural. In fact it was archaeological. In a game since of course as none of it actually involved anything that would get my fingernails grubby. What I actually did was spend the better part of my weekend moving my feisty dwarven hunter from one digsite to another in the hopes that I would be given the chance to open yet another Canopic jar and hopefully find something other than mummified intestines.  Cheerful, eh? And all because I’m sick of being the designated driver.

Makes sense, right?

Now MMO veterans might have correctly deduced that this all had something to do with a flashy new mount. And World of Warcraft players probably understood immediately that I was chasing the elusive recipe to craft the rare Vial of Sands which allows you (or in this case, my hubby) to turn into a dragon and carry a passenger (or in this case, me) on your back.

Now there are rare drops, and RARE drops and this has to be the hardest I’ve ever worked for any object ever in a game and all just for a bit of convenience so that hubby can fly us around as I am the one nipping off for a bio, or more likely another glass of wine. And while I could have just saved up the gold to buy it…a feat in itself with as much as they (justifiably) cost, I will actually be able to make it myself. I’m still not sure I can explain why I put so much time into it, other than I was just too stubborn to admit defeat.  But the recipe is mine. Mine. Finally. FINALLY!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a long list of mats I need to farm in order to make it. *sigh*