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Over time I have used this blog to come out about a lot of my most geeky hobbies. I’m going to add another one to the list now, possibly the geekiest ever, but I’ll leave it to you to decide.

In between my other computer gaming, both online and off, there is another little gem I have enjoyed over the years. I hesitate to call it a Game because it’s not exactly reaction based. Nor would I even call it turn based. You log in, you feed your character, put them to one activity and leave them. In essence you could play regularly if you only logged in once a day.

But…and this is the beauty of it, it’s a Role Playing Game. Like a PROPER Role Playing Game. For where the best of the game actually happens is on a massive forum where each player creates stories…entire lives really, for their character.

The rules of writing Role Play are simple. You write your characters part, their actions, reactions and feeling but not those for any other character. For example, I can write that my character reaches out to punch someone, but not if the punch landed or indeed if they would need medical attention for it. Make sense? For someone such as me who likes to write, this is a fantastic exercise to keep the brain nimble.

In game mechanics allow for player elected mayors and county councils as well as law enforcement. On the bright side, they also allow for players to rob and revolt though it’s likely you’ll do a bit of jail time for it.

The setting for all this is Renaissance England, however the company that produces this game also has ones set in the Aztec Empire and Feudal Japan as well. Ignoring the exaggerations the login screen has about accounts created, there are still probably a couple hundred active players on the English forums, more than enough to keep your stories alive.

I’d highly recommend this game for anyone who is interested in honing their writing skills as well as those who love the “Second Life” feel that Role Play servers for MMOs can have. My character is currently in Chard, Devon by the way. Look me up if you’re interested. You can send an in game message to my character Inanna. (That’s Inanna. with a . at the end of it) or a forum pm. I’ll happily reply and show you the ropes.

If I’m not in jail, of course.