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I’ve decided to take a break from Warcraft.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise really. They just released a major patch with loads of new content. Historically, expansions and I just never seem to get along.

The problem is it seems the only acceptable way of approaching new content, and this is hardly limited to World of Warcraft,  is to race through it at breakneck speed. Casual friendships and partnerships are tossed aside as greed takes over. Arguments break out. Raid teams split up. No one is interested in doing sweet duck all to aid anyone else until their own gear score is satisfied.

For my part, I love new content. I’m always thrilled that there are new challenges for me and my character, but I also understand that, like Christmas, these gifts don’t come every day and I see no hurry to rush through them. I’m more a “savour the moment” kind of girl. There won’t be another patch or expansion for months. Hurry up and wait is not my style.

Another big part of why I’m leaving is to do with my guild and what role guild management should play in such situations but that’s something to discuss another time.

In the meantime, if you need me, I won’t be in Azeroth. I’ve decided to take a holiday to the frozen north of Skyrim and spend some time using my bow to ping rats off skeletons and watch them shatter.

Well, everyone  needs a hobby…