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I love my guild. Not because we’re particularly good at anything. In fact, mainly because we’re happy to revel in our moments of gross incompetence. I’ve been assured it’s merely a coincidence, but the Rise of Legends does indeed shorten to RofL, and with me in the raid team as a holiday substitute for the next few weeks, I think that’s important.

My warlock’s gear isn’t awful,and I do pride myself on being a reasonably competent gamer once I learn a fight, but learning the complicated mechanics on the fly is a challenge. It’s a good thing I have a fantastic teacher.

New boss and my eyes flicked to the chat panel for instructions….

“Puddles good until puddles bad. Don’t die.”

Hmmm…well…. ok…. Let’s just say I didn’t do so well with the second bit. It may or may not have been because I didn’t quite understand the first part but there was too much going on for me to be sure.

“Adds > boss. Don’t stand in bad.”

Riiiight….I button mash until I die again. I’m thinking of petitioning Blizzard to put carpet down here.

One of the benefits about playing an MMO with so many millions of subscribers is that there are always plenty of people willing to give you their version of the best/only way of doing things, so the next day I looked up tactics for all the fights I had been through/died in and found Neil was indeed right. There were pages and pages of internet scribble devoted to this endgame raid but after all was read and done, adds were indeed more important than the boss and puddles equal near instadeath.

It just showed me again that gaming is at it’s best when simple. Focusing on friends, fun and having a laugh is always > quick raid progression.

Oh, and don’t stand in bad.