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After one too many glasses of wine the other night I made a rather embarrassing confession to my guild, one that involves my character frequently standing in the middle of town half naked.

Now while I’d love to be able to tease you with anecdotes of seductive table dances or ERP in Goldshire, or whatever the Horde equivalent of Goldshire is these days, it isn’t the case. I’m just a noob and have a bad habit of not paying attention to how vendor trades work in new games until it’s too late and I find myself standing in the middle of a crowded starting area feeling a tad breezy from the waist down.  Or even worse, realize it when I’m halfway across the map.

You’d think the first time it happened would have been enough to teach me a lesson, especially as there was no buy-back option and I had to get my rather amused hubby to come and buy me more, but no, I’ve done it many times. Maybe not as many times as I’ve forgotten to re-equip my weapon and stormed into a dungeon armed only with a fishing pole or a bouquet of flowers, but enough times that it makes for a rather long running joke in the house.

It’s this little frailty of mine that hubby is happy to use to keep me humble. I might be able to level quicker (because I have more time to game…) or have better gear than he does (because I have more time to game…) but I’d swear he always smirks when I am frantically rooting through my bag  for the new armour I’m sure I picked up but can’t find.

“Are you sure you didn’t sell it?”

Smug git.

“At least I could pick it up because my bags weren’t full!” I’ll grumble as I hurry back to the last vendor I frequented.

There are times I think maybe it would be easier to just take my naked character dance on the bar at the nearest inn.

“1g plz.”

I could earn enough to buy my pants back.