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I was researching  tactics for an upcoming raid the other day and of course came across one of those all too common forum threads complaining that the developers have dumbed down the game again leaving it open for non-hardcore gamers like you and me… or well me at least… to sample the endgame content.

Shock and, of course, horror.

Now which game it was doesn’t matter really. I daresay it’s happened in every MMO, or at least every MMO that has released a patch, expansion or upgrade…so yeah, all of them.

While Raid Night usually evokes a sense of rock hard elitist gaming, what it essentially boils down to is a large number of men over crowding themselves into a small space for hours late at night only for it to end in dramatics and arguments over a bit of bling. (Though to be fair, and be thankful for, it isn’t just the guys anymore.)

Anyone who has reached that sort of pinnacle in gaming is rightfully proud of their accomplishment. It takes time, skill and a hell of a lot of dedication to be part of a successful progressive raid group!

However the fact is the gaming demographic is changing these days, and most developers are struggling to keep subscriber numbers and cash shop profits up. The server population is no longer dominated by students and slackers. Many of us have families, jobs and even friends offline that eventually start complaining if they don’t see us. But we still paid for the full contents of the game and feel that even we who are among the disdained Casual Gamers ought to be able to play through and see how the story ends, even if it is at a lower difficulty level.

And what’s more, this doesn’t affect the experience those who wish to remain Elite one bit. Even the snazzy loot that drops is clearly marked with the gaming equivalent of a discount store brand lest anyone confuse us with the True Raid Crowd. So cut us a bit of slack, eh?

While no one could ever doubt my love of gaming, I do admit that it isn’t my first priority in life. My first priority in life will always be my family.

Luckily for me, they game too.