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So finally after several years of my favourite games creaking and tweaking along I took too the hit to my bank balance and upgraded my pc. No, it’s not the top of the line kit, but it’s better than the ideal “budget” gaming pc touted by my favourite gaming mag so I think I’ve done ok. I’m not uber-l33t. Just kind of mini-l33t. L33t-ish, so to speak.When I finally got my bragging time in guild chat though, the conversation surprised me. I expected a goodly amount of congratulations with a few happy to trump me with their high spec rigs. An argument breaking out over Radeon versus GeForce was as predictable as the perpetual Chuck Norris jokes in world chat, right?


The conversation turned instead to how 50 fps was more than sufficient and everyone seemed quite in agreement that after a certain point, well it wasn’t really necessary to have textures high res enough to see the nose hairs on the npc you are talking to.
Even as small a sample of gamers as this was, does it mean anything? Are gamers really getting fatigued about the constant expectations to upgrade? As pc gamers we are happy to pour scorn on the poor console saps who have to buy a new system every few years, but by having to re-kit out my machine, am I not doing pretty much the same thing?

On the bright side it’s nice to see that the technology cycle does seem to be slowing a bit now and my upgrades lasting a little bit longer each time.

Of course, the down side is that just as I get all excited about joining the big boys with their speedy toys, it looks like I’m out of vogue. Again.

What a surprise.

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