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For someone as tech savvy as I like to believe I am, I’m not sure I’d ever give up my paper magazines. Of course I said that about books at one point and am now on my second Kindle. But books to me are more of a planned read, or at least a more predictable one. I have a much more casual relationship with magazines. Not in the flirty “buy me a drink then I’m gone” way, I’m not that kind of girl. I faithfully subscribe to a special few. I might not go to bed with them every night like a book but we still have regular quality time together even if it’s not as scheduled. The problem is that magazine publishers are far less likely to remain faithful despite subscriptions that are measured in years.

Take for example an old favourite gaming mag that we shall for the sake of argument call PC…Area. Now when PC Area reached max level and cancelled all subscriptions, I was automatically transferred to another sister publication. It felt a bit incestuous at first, like dating your exes best friend. But like any good party there was a good mix of familiar faces and new friends to meet, I settled in and got comfortable enough however it wasn’t that long ago that now there were rumbles of going to a paper-free version of the mag. Hey, stop that! I just got comfy!!

But maybe this is all for the best. In my quest to find a good source of gaming journalism I took to Twitter again and found a gem. Seems a bunch of my favourite writers from the old PC Area are mixing with some of the great from PC…er…Player…. add in a few more new faces and we’ve got a project called Continue Magazine. Appropriate at it seems to be following on in just the direction I want to see games writing going. Informative and snarky. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Find them on Kickstarter at or on Twitter @ContinueMag and give them your support. As for me, yeah, I guess it’s probably about time I settled down now that I’ve found the right group of guys.

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