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Random Events and the World Around You

Life would be rather dull in Tales & Taverns if nothing unpredictable ever happened, wouldn’t it? Where is the sense of adventure in that? Even if you just sit at home all day, unexpected events can still occur! So part of bringing this sense of adventure to our world will be done through different types of random events. These events may be one line happenings that give a slight buff or debuff but they might be much more.

Whereas much of Tales & Taverns gameplay is devoted to enabling players to create their own stories, these are not the only stories in the world. The game map is full of non-player characters who each have their own story to tell. You may even be asked to get involved! But to clarify, these are not traditional RPG quests, more the “choose-your-own-adventure” style events found in visual novels. Your choices in these stories will affect the world. It only makes sense that ff you are kind and helpful to a character, they will have a better opinion of you later than if you rob them. Different choices will open different events and paths. While none of these will give one player an advantage in gameplay over another, we accept and embrace the fact that this will give each player a unique experience.

Our aim is that, while we are limited to what is possible for a browser game and a very small development team, the world is reminiscent of the larger triple-A RPG titles where NPCs have personalities. The shop isn’t some faceless entity, it’s run by different people in different towns. Travelling merchants peddle their wares along the roads. Brigands may lie in wait around the next bend. And even if you never leave your own home, someone might still come and knock on your door.

So while we urge you to create your own story, you will not be living in isolation. There is a world around you and we want to encourage you to go out and explore it.


Note: We are in the process of making some of these story events available for playing. Bear with us and I’ll let you know when we have something up and ready. 🙂