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Monitor Moans

Am I the only one in the world who misses the old CRT monitors?

Maybe it was that satisfying “ke-klunk” as it switched on or the fact that it put out so much heat that I could tan from it, but flat panel monitors just seem a bit sterile to me. That the colours don’t appear as rich and the action seems too far away might be in my head, but one thing definitely isn’t, and that that is the squashed height.

As an avid (read: obsessive) MMO gamer, height is a problem. By the time I get done stacking skill, action and pet bars bars, I am left wondering if I shouldn’t have played a dwarf as my gracile elf seems like she’s about to develop a permanent stoop to keep from banging her head on the top of my screen. Having said that, it’s possible that a gnome might disappear completely behind the boxes of buttons never to see seen again. I feel like I’m constantly ducking into the computer hoping to get a better view.

Ultimately I think the problem is that monitors and especially laptops seem to be made to double as televisions these days. It’s all about the latest media capabilities for your viewing pleasure. But I don’t want to watch movies on my laptop. That’s what that huge box in the living room is for, isn’t it? Why does every manufacturer assume what I am really lusting after is a 20 screen multiplex in my living room? Sorry, not a chance. Not interested. What I really want is a screen with enough height to be able to have skill bars at the bottom, show buffs and stats at the top and still be able to see my character getting her arse kicked in the middle.

But if you can give me that and movie theater popcorn at the same time, I’ll be yours forever.