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Crafting and Professions in Tales & Taverns

So as we’ve previously mentioned, Tales & Taverns is a game designed with the writer and role-player at its heart. It’s important to us that we give you the tools you need to create a great story for your character. Crafting and professions will play an important part in this.

In your home you’ll have one slot available in which you can place a crafting too. This might be a dye vat or a weavers loom or such. By installing a crafting tool, you can build the business and your character’s career anyway you like. For example, if you want your character to become a priest or priestess, place an altar in your home and found a new religion. With a spare bed you might open a guesthouse….or a brothel? 😉

You will be able to change what is installed, however it will take time. You can’t expect to turn a forge into a tavern overnight! About a week should be right but we’ll be evaluating this during testing. Of course you’ll be able to buy a second property and have access to a second tool that way, however once you arrive in your second home, it will take time to get that tool up and running so again it won’t be instantaneous, which demonstrates another fundamental to Tales & Tavern gameplay – choices and consequences.

Here’s an example:

Your character wants to be a blacksmith but also wants your his/her own forge to smelt ore. You could set up a forge to smelt then change to an anvil but it will take seven days so you consider just buying a second property. But then there is the travel and set-up time. While that may be shorter, you now have 2 properties to maintain. While I’ll explain more about owning properties in a future post, for this example it’s important to know that if you don’t visit a property you own every (x) number of weeks, it will start to fall into disrepair. Besides accruing additional time penalties when you wish to do business there, your property might also be broken into, or you could even end up with squatters!

Can you have 2 “professions”? Yes, however it’s not as straightforward and will require careful planning.

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