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Starting out in Tales & Taverns

It’s probably best to say that Tales & Taverns is being developed by a group of enthusiastic writers and role-players. Our aim is to provide the player with the tools and hopefully the inspiration to enable players to experience and create amazing stories. Because of this, allowing extensive customisation is key!

While I can’t yet post regarding character creation other than to say that during alpha testing you’ll be allowed to upload your own avatar, I can tell you a bit about your early days in T&T.

When you arrive, you’ll be given a house in one of 7 towns in medieval Wales:

  • Conwy
  • Caernarfon
  • St. Asaph
  • Corwen
  • Harlech
  • Betws-y-coed
  • Beddgelert

Each of these towns has its own unique flavour and will be populated by a cast of non-player characters appropriate to its situation. For better or worse, events that require choices will happen regularly! These may affect your character in a number of ways, either temporary buffs or debuffs, permanent effects to stats, gifts or penalties to wealth, reputation and inventory.

Your first home will include a kitchen for making food, a garden space for farming, a living space and a space for crafting. I’ll go into details about crafting in another post. Both the living and crafting spaces can become anything you want them to be and each will  have their own forum embedded within your game interface. This integration should help “keep the mood” while you’re playing and aid immersion in the atmosphere. Again, I’ll talk more about these forums and how you’ll be able to share and manage your writing in another post.

Each day you’ll be able to queue up your list of activities. Basic activities include:

  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Foraging food
  • Foraging wood
  • Foraging dye ingredients
  • Mining
  • Logging

These will require no or only simple tools to achieve results and should help you get off the ground financially. You could also travel or craft, and the crafting options are already extensive and growing!

Each action will have a duration associated with it, either required or something you can choose, For example, you can fish for 2 hours if you like then move on to something else until you reach the maximum number of hours in the day, at which point you need to sleep. (Sorry, insomniacs! 😉 )

You won’t be required to fill the day all at once. You can log in as frequently as you like, but once an action is queued, you can’t change it. We are hoping to enable options for filling it days in advance to enable you to still be somewhat productive even when you can’t log in but that is still undecided.

Hopefully this starts to give you a bit of an idea of where you will be starting out in Tales & Taverns. I understand that not much in this post is particularly ground-breaking RPG stuff, but there is more to come, I promise. 😉

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