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Introducing Tales and Taverns

Set in medieval Wales, Tales and Taverns is a game designed with the emphasis on role-playing and story writing. Build your character, your home, your business! Our aim is to give you the setting and prompts to help you build memorable stories.

You will be able to:

-Customise your character – because who wants to look like someone else!

-Build and customise your home – no nasty modern housing estates in sight. (Unless you like that sort of thing, I guess?)

-Crafting and more crafting! You can even name your crit items to create unique legendary items in the game

-Sell your wares or services from your own customised business – butcher, baker, or brothel? 😉

-Set off on adventures to explore the towns and environments around you…..or lurk on the roads to rob travellers

-Someone annoyed you? Post a bounty on their head and let other players do your dirty work for you!

….BUT! Be warned! Actions have consequences!

Will you end up a obscure saint or a famous sinner? Make your story epic!