Support Me!

Support Me!

You are a lovely human being!


If you are seeing this then you clicked to see the ways you can support me as I try to make my way in the world as a creator, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you’re even here in the first place.

The good news is that not all support costs money. Following me on social media, reviewing and commenting on my projects, shares and retweets, all of this helps get my projects in front of people who might really like them.

If you yourself are one of the people who really like them as well then…..

Medieval Moods can be purchased as an ebook on or in either paperback or Kindle format from Amazon.

My cross-stitch patterns are available through my Etsy store or on

Just a note: There are sometimes different prices for projects depending on the website. This is due to currency/exchange differences, listing prices, and website requirements (for example, Etsy automatically adds VAT to any purchase). I’m hoping by cross listing projects on more than one site I can help you find the best deal on my work no matter where you live.

I’m hoping to get a Patreon account up and running at some point but I’m not sure I have enough to offer yet. Also, please keep and eye out for any games or projects we’ll be taking to Kickstarter. There is so much more coming!!

Again, thank you so much for coming here and having a look at ways you can help. I’m really so grateful!




P.S. If things aren’t great for you at the moment and money is tight, I still want you to be able to enjoy my work. Just contact me and I’ll provide you with a free copy when I can, no questions asked. <3

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