Medieval Moods

Cantus Lunaris – Fabula Antiqua

The first lilting strains of Bonny Portmore swelled just as the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia were coming into view, and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. Knowing it was going to be something special, my hubby and I waited to pop this gorgeous offering from Gaby Koss (of Equilibrium, Haggard and plenty more) and company into the cd player until we were traveling on holiday to our favourite spot in north Wales. The majesty of the mountains as they plunged dramatically into the sea and the heavenly soft voices blended perfectly and we were, for a moment, transported in time.

To me, that is what this genre of music is all about. At its most romantic it evokes a longing for the beauty and simplicity of a time long past. I’m not knowledgeable enough about music to comment on the complexity of arrangements, but I can tell you this is music that will lift your spirit and soul to another time.

While many of the members of Cantus Lunaris have other projects on the go such as Ida Elena’s Bare Infinity ( and Albert Dannenmann’s rather flirtatious relationship with Blackmore’s Night ( the group have still had time to record yet another offering. Formosus Fons is coming soon. I’ll keep you posted when dates are announced.