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Through a Fairy’s Eyes – The Wonderful Art of Mariana Roberts

It takes something amazingly special to capture the romance and magic that still exists in our world these days. Too many people seem to be so afraid of being seen as different, it is as if society itself is pushing hard to force everyone into a small, bland but very normal looking box. Mariana and her photographs are a gust of cool, fresh air. The colours and backgrounds she use deliberately tempt you into her world of the fey.

While she will happily take assignment for weddings, engagement photographs and family portraits, she manages to turn each into something remarkable. I deeply admire her ability to find the beauty and magic in each of her subjects and I long to see more of the world through her eyes.

You can find Mariana Roberts at:

or on Facebook at:

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near her in New York, Mariana is often able to work from high resolution images you provide. Contact her for more information.

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