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This game is in development. Please follow us on Twitter @TalesandTaverns for future updates!   Tales and Taverns is not just an RPG. Set in medieval Wales, Tales and Taverns is a game designed with the emphasis on role-playing and story writing. Build your character, your home, your business! Our aim is to give you the setting and… Read More Coming soon!

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So here we are, on the eve of what Blizzard would want to call their latest, if not greatest, accomplishment. Streamlined gameplay, player garrisons, a host of “quality of life improvements” and another fabulous 10 levels of storyline questing. Great, right? I just cancelled my sub. No, I’m not one of the Vanilla Mafia here… Read More Mourning

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Over time I have used this blog to come out about a lot of my most geeky hobbies. I’m going to add another one to the list now, possibly the geekiest ever, but I’ll leave it to you to decide. In between my other computer gaming, both online and off, there is another little gem… Read More Geekiest?

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Old MacDonald had a …oh wait. Not that kind. No, the farming I did all weekend was not nearly as, well, agricultural. In fact it was archaeological. In a game since of course as none of it actually involved anything that would get my fingernails grubby. What I actually did was spend the better part… Read More Farming

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So it’s not long now until the latest “new big thing” in the MMO genre is released. I’m talking about The Elder Scrolls Online, of course. This is it! This is the be-all, end-all best MMO to ever hit the internet! It’s Skyrim but online! It’s Oblivion but online! Yeah, yeah… as much as a… Read More Shiny